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A throwback of me and my Suga Booga! It’s her birthday today. She’s 7. *sigh* My babies aren’t babies anymore. Happy Birthday Jaelyn Trinity!
In honor of #BeyDay, I had myself an AMAZING car concert in today’s traffic jam! 👑🐝#Beyonce #HappyBirthdayBeyonce #QueenBey #Bday #iloveher #FolksWereLookingAtMeSOcrazy #idgaf
That bookstore feeling…😍❤️😍
#schoolsout 👍 🙌☝️
Done! 😁
She says…”I didn’t realize you were so much taller than me!” Ma’am! Where have you been since 1996?! Lol…❤️❤️❤️
My fam. ❤️ So grateful for these people. I love them.
Tonight’s set up. Renaissance Dallas is hosting a free concert for their guests on the City View Terrace.  (at Renaissance Dallas Hotel)
The view from my “office”…👍 #CityViewTerrace (at Renaissance Dallas Hotel)
These three statements basically sum up my life this past year. I was blessed enough to have two jobs while living in Memphis. Two jobs that I loved, where I adored each and every person that I worked with on a daily basis. And one of the hardest decisions that I’ve ever had to make was to leave those positions and those people behind so that I could move to Dallas to attend school and follow this dream of mine. Over this past year, I’ve had the opportunity to work on some amazing production projects with some amazing people. I’ve been able to learn more about my crafts and see growth in my work. I’ve learned entirely new skill sets…I’ve essentially been able to fulfill every task that I set out to do since I’ve moved here…and this is only the beginning. Now it’s time to set bigger goals. And with that being said, I’m beyond pleased and proud to say that I’ll be graduating from MediaTech Institute next Saturday and I already have a job in my field before my diploma has even been issued. #ButGod #WontHeDoIt 
🙌 🙌 🙌
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